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Hooked on Books: 12.15.21

After Elise by Denise Pattiz Bogard | A woman driving on a rainy night sees a stranded motorist and pulls over to help. But, to her horror, she strikes and kills the woman, who she learns is her former babysitter. Instead of following the aftermath of the slain motorist, this book focuses on what happens to the family of the driver. There is no eureka moment, just a long slog back to normalcy.

The Black Hand by Andrew Stack
This book provides a very imaginative approach to solving the many issues confronting the United States today via a multi-day summit of a Joint Congressional Commission. It was a fast-paced adventure but relied on too many improbable events occurring at once. Lots of twists and turns makes it an interesting read. As a St. Louisan, I enjoyed the references to familiar places and people.

Tales from the Beach House: A Novel by James Aylott
I always had a fondness for books based in Florida, and this is no exception. The Beach House is a crumbling old motel that houses a collection of people both down on their luck and those hoping to find some. This is true Florida, not what you see in a brochure. The David and Goliath story makes you cheer for the collection of misfit characters.

Book of Toasts compiled by Patrice TenBroek
We’ve all been at the table when it is time for the host to say a few words. Most of us hope they will be brief and not embarrass anyone sitting next to them. Here’s a book we should all have on our bookshelves when it is our turn to speak. Short, to the point, meaningful toasts that you and your guests will appreciate.


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