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Hooked on Books: 8.25.21

This month, I was unable to review any books, but I was fortunate that my pals Louis and Evie gave me their thoughts on all four of these books written by St. Louisians. I’ll be back next month!

Andy’s Adventures by Sandy Bauman
Both Evie and Louis would like a dog, so they really enjoyed this story about Andy, a dog who can’t hear. Andy has lots of friends, especially a cat with an attitude, and they all like to play together in the leaves. The story was funny, and the picture with Andy sticking his tongue out was the best! Find this book at the Novel Neighbor in Webster Groves or at amazon.com.

FLY! by Sheri Block Glantz
This book teaches you to dream big! It was hard to tell if the main character was a boy or a girl but it didn’t really matter—which was fun! Louis and Evie’s mom thought it was great for children that are a little more introverted to help them build their confidence. Find it at cre8ivewrites.com.

Molly Green Likes Worms by Doss Margiotta
Evie is a worm lover, so she especially liked this book! Worms take care of the earth, and the pictures, which are full page, show us how. The word “poop” is in the book, which was funny. You can get your own copy by emailing mollygreenworms@gmail.com.

The Cow Cocoon by Rachel Nolen and Maria Price
This book was really good because you learn about where all the animals live. Truman, the cow, wants to find his special place. He does this with the help of his friends, especially the firefly. The pictures in this book are really bright with lots of colors. It was fun to read. Find it at cowcocoon.com.


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