I may not be a kid, but I think I still can tell a good book from a not so great one. Remember, I have two wiggle-worm grandsons who like to read books but only if they are interesting. So settle in with your own little wiggle-worm and read them one of these wonderful options!

Where Did the Turtles Go? by Katie Lerwick
Take a little trip through Forest Park as this local author shows us where these little creatures hang out each season. The illustrations by Caroline Kraus are reason enough to pick up the book and read it to your favorite little one. Each one looks like a perfectly painted watercolor. Turtles aren’t the most attractive creatures, but they sure are cute as you explore all the different ones in Forest Park and their favorite hiding places. Support your local authors and artists.

Cindy Moo by Lori Mortensen
Cindy Moo is a cow who finds inspiration in the classic nursery rhyme “Hey Diddle Diddle.” Jumping over the moon may seem like an impossible task, but Cindy Moo is determined to keep trying. Jeff Mack illustrates this charming story.

Life by Cynthia Rylant
“Life begins small. Then it grows.” This book is beautifully illustrated by Brendan Wenzel. It shows young readers that all around them is the beauty of nature. You just have to keep your eyes open!