God Bless the Child by Anne Shaw Heinrich
This is the first of a trilogy that follows two outcast classmates who befriend each other and end up raising a daughter under unusual circumstances. Truths surface that were meant to be buried forever. This book is part mystery, love story and family drama. It is a fast read, and I cannot wait for the sequels.

The Last Flight: A Novel by Julie Clark
A chance meeting at the airport causes two desperate women to exchange boarding passes as they both try to escape their current lives. One plane crashes, and the other lands successfully. This thriller will keep you turning the pages until the very last one.

Baby Reindeer – Netflix
What an odd but compelling show based on a true story of a bartender and his stalker. Both people are obsessed with each other in their own way, but the stalker is downright scary. Parts of the series may make you uncomfortable, but the story of two broken people is compelling.

Ripley – Netflix
Shot in a very moody black-and-white way, this familiar story of Thomas Ripley and Dickie Greenleaf will keep you entertained. While you squirm in your seat you find yourself somehow cheering on the talented Mr. Ripley.