Made in the Shade

Dear Homework, We have a fairly simple request. We’re looking for ideas to shade our patio without obstructing our view from the picture windows. Can you help? Sincerely, Made in the Shade

Dear Made in the Shade,
If you put a solid roof over your patio, you will have to look at an ugly, flat roof from the picture windows above. If you install a sloped roof, you will have to shorten the windows to accommodate it, so I suggest building a white wood trellis and planting climbing Wisteria. This will present an interesting view from above and provide dappled shade below.

Note that the support columns are centered on the patio doors and a new entrance to the lawn has been created to reinforce this axis. The new space is accessorized with new light fixtures and potted plants, and the exposed concrete walls have been painted white for a more finished look. The changes create an elegant, charming space to enjoy a shady afternoon.

Good luck with your project,

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