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Not So Deep Thoughts: 3.27.19

streaming » the big sick. amazon prime.
A Pakistani comic, Kumail, starts dating an American graduate student, Emily. His parents, however, have plans for him to marry someone of his own faith. They break up, but when Emily suddenly falls into a coma, Kumail ends up being her ‘in case of emergency’. Once her parents arrive, Kumail finds himself in the uncomfortable position of wanting to be helpful but not knowing what to do. Based on a true story. Holly Hunter plays Emily’s mother and is outstanding. You will love it, I promise!

book » the truth about aaron by jonathan hernandez.
This book about former NFL player Aaron Hernandez, who was convicted of murder and killed himself while in prison, is an odd choice for me. I have never watched a pro football game and can’t tell you who played in the last Super Bowl. But I am interested in what happens to people who repeatedly get knocked unconscious. Aaron’s brother takes us through his life from childhood to college and the NFL. Jonathan does not pretend Aaron was a victim; rather, he tries to understand how everything fell apart for someone with so much talent and potential. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy ravaged Aaron’s brain, but sadly, his brother could do nothing to help.