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Not So Deep Thoughts: 4.11.18

tv» the arrangement on E!
You will need to go back and binge watch Season 1 since Season 2 just started, but it’s worth it! A no-name actress is offered a $10 million contract to marry a rising Hollywood star to help rebuild his reputation. Only problem is, he is in tight with a weird self-help program that seems to direct everything about his life. The tension of who has control keeps series like these from being soapy melodramas.

book » the vanity fair diaries 1983-1992 by tina brown.
In my prior life, I spent lots of time traveling, and my faithful companion was always an issue of Vanity Fair. I loved the magazine because it provided me some great Hollywood dish while also forcing me to learn about parts of the world I didn’t know existed. Thankfully, Tina Brown kept a diary during her time as editor, and while I had to Google a number of the people she mentioned, it was a fun read as I got an insider’s view of the magazine and all of the players involved.

podcast » left, right and center. spotify.
Josh Barro hosts this news podcast that attempts to have a civilized discussion about politics, current events and pop culture. No yelling or snark is allowed, which is nice, but after a while, I found myself yelling at the person I didn’t agree with. And since it’s a podcast, they can’t hear me, so no real discussion occurred. It might be better suited for a person who isn’t so confident they are always right.