I am a talker. I talk to people who are standing in line with me. I talk to the person who checks me out at the grocery store. I talk to the bug guy who comes to my house to kill the ants. But I talk the most to the person who blows out my hair.

Allison Durley, owner of Boho Beauty Company, washes and blow dries my hair each week to perfection. I know I sound like a throwback to the 1950s when women used to get their hair done, but it is a little luxury I can’t live without. During my 60-minute appointment, I talk to Allison, over the hum of the blow dryer, about a little bit of everything. It really is like a therapy session but cheaper and my hair looks better after. I’ve often wondered if I was the only blabbermouth sitting in her chair or if there were others, so I asked.

Allison has been in the hair industry for nine years. She specializes in blowouts and special occasion hairstyling. She said most of her clients are talkers. Sigh of relief! There are a few who read magazines, work on their laptops or watch TV, but with her regulars, appointments are usually catch-up time. Allison said the topics of conversation range from the purpose of the blowout to the latest true crime documentary (that would be me!). Clients talk a lot about pop culture, St. Louis sports and new restaurants in town.

I asked Allison if she’s ever heard anything she wished she hadn’t or if she should be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement. She deftly dodged that question by answering a different one! Allison said when you see people on a weekly basis, you learn a lot about their lives. You get to see them go through the joys of weddings and babies but also struggles and loss. It is “therapy with a side of hair,” she says.

I wondered how much of what is said in the chair makes its way to other stylists or if there is some sort of ‘code of silence’ like with doctors and attorneys. Discretion is something you learn, according to my expert. You have to know who to trust with anything you feel you need to share. So, not quite like HIPAA, but you can feel pretty secure with the information you let loose at the salon.

Allison is always as cool as a cucumber. But I know she has to get annoyed. What makes her a little twitchy? She admits that when people are taking calls or are hunched over reading a magazine or their phones, it can be hard to blow dry their hair. So, if you do that, stop it!

And finally, what is the one thing people are embarrassed about but shouldn’t be? Her clients apologize for how dirty their hair is when they come in for an appointment to get it washed! I guess it is a lot like cleaning your house before the cleaning lady comes. She also mentioned that for those of us with graying hair, we are often concerned about our roots. No worries according to Allison, she has root cover spray for that.

Now go book your blow out with your favorite stylist and relax. Peace my Peeps.