[WHAT] Saint Louis Zoo, Zoofari 21 presented by Wells Fargo. [WHERE] Saint Louis Zoo. [WHY] Protecting the Painted Dog. Conflict with humans, particularly with livestock farmers, is a primary reason for large predator population to decline. The zoo supports a partnering organization that uses innovative research methods to learn more about scent marking in African painted dogs. Using artificial scent marking as a deterrent to cross livestock boundaries my be the key to enabling coexistence between humans and multiple predator species. [WHO] Event co-chairs Angie Schaefer and Joe Ambrose, President and CEO Dr. Jeffrey Bonner, St. Louis Zoological Subdistrict Commission Chairman Cynthia Brinkley, Saint Louis Zoo Association Board of Directors President Alicia McDonnell. [HIGHLIGHTS] Cocktails, food stations, entertainment by Mo Egeston, DJ Micro, DJ Chris Brown, The Usual Suspects, Fabulous Motown Revue, Miss Jubilee, Wax Museum.