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Scout & Nimble: 7.24.19

8 expert tips for a study corner that inspires

A new academic year is fast approaching, and with it comes the need to create a space for intellectual stimulation and productivity. Even if you don’t have a room dedicated to work and study, you still can create a comfortable and inspiring nook where you can assist your kids with homework or do some work yourself. Here are our eight expert tips for creating a study corner that will help you do just that.

1. Get the basics right.
A comfortable chair and sufficient desk space are the only things you really need to make a study corner work for you. It doesn’t have to be big—depending on your exact needs, even a simple trestle table will do.
2. Aim for daylight.
Natural daylight is not only less strenuous on your eyes than artificial light, it is also great for your mood. Ensure that the desk is placed in such a way that you don’t get glare on your computer screen. Light from the side or directly behind the computer screen when the desk is placed against a window works best.
3. Add a layer of task lighting.
Even though natural light is first prize, you also have to ensure that there is sufficient task lighting for working outside daylight hours. A desk lamp can be a beautiful statement piece, so choose something that is both functional and aesthetic. Use a cool white to daylight bulb to shed optimum light on the work surface.
4. Don’t be afraid to personalize the space.
Just because it’s meant to be a productive space doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with it! We are inspired by the things we love, so add a pinboard or gallery wall to your study corner. If it will be too distracting facing the desk, add it to an adjacent wall.
5. Add essential storage.
An organized desk area is said to improve productivity, and for that, ample storage is needed. A large unit with space for baskets, files, books and more is ideal.
6. Utilize all areas.
Don’t have the floor space to add freestanding or built-in shelving units? Use the area above your desk and install floating shelves or cubbies. These are great for books, files or displaying artwork.
7. Green it up.
Plants uplift the spirit and help with air purification, which is just what you need when you’re working late at night. Add some greenery to your desk area with lush houseplants or fresh flowers. Match the pots to the rest of the decor in the room and add your personal touch in the process.
8. If you can’t hide it, flaunt it!
In many homes, the study is a small nook that forms part of the living room, kitchen or a bedroom. Integrate this small, practical space with the rest of your decor by matching the color scheme and adding complementary accessories. You even can match the upholstery to the rest of the furniture in the living room. This will enable you to use the desk chair for guests.

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