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She Said Yes! Ellie Salky & Jared Weinstein

Ellie Salky is a native St. Louisan and her fiance, Jared Weinstein, hails from Pittsburgh, but their relationship actually got its start in the Windy City. “We met through mutual friends about three years ago,” Ellie says. “We all went out together to a Chicago brewery, and after, Jared asked me to go on a date with him.”

Their first official outing took place at a well-known Chicago landmark. “I had joked with Jared that I didn’t want to go on ‘just another boring date,’ so he took me downtown to ride the ferris wheel at Navy Pier,” Ellie recalls. “He didn’t know about my fear of heights! It took some convincing to get me on board, but we ended up having a great time.”

After the two had dated for a couple of years, Jared conspired with some of Ellie’s friends to get her back to Navy Pier for a surprise proposal. “My friend was in town running the Chicago Marathon, and she convinced me to meet her and her nephew there,” Ellie says. “I thought other friends would be there as well. Jared and I were running late, and I was rushing around trying to find the others when he stopped me and explained that it would be just the two of us. He got down on one knee and popped the question.”

Ellie says she was completely surprised and delighted by the proposal. “It was an amazing day,” she notes. “To top it off, our parents were in town jointly celebrating our fathers’ 65th birthdays, so we all met for dinner and drinks. Our friends were there waiting to surprise us as well.”

The bride and groom both attended Indiana University, and while Ellie says they have many college friends in common, their paths never crossed on campus. The two still are ironing out some of the wedding details, but they are looking forward to a late summer ceremony and reception at Westwood Country Club in Frontenac, surrounded by friends and family.

Ellie, a Ladue Horton Watkins High School grad, teaches kindergarten, and Jared works in medical sales. They live in Chicago.

ceremony & reception | Westwood Country Club
gown | Sarah Seven
photographer | Ashley Pieper
wedding planner | Simcha Lourie

wedding party
maid of honor | Sarah Salky
best man | David Weinstein
bride’s parents | Kenny & Molly Salky of St. Louis
groom’s parents | Ellis & Randi Weinstein of Pittsburgh

Photo: Viviana Pernot Gold, VPG Photography


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