With more meetings and conferences occurring online these days, it’s a good idea to think about the image you project when your webcam is on. The atmosphere may be relaxed during most routine video check-ins with colleagues, but if you’re logging on for formal encounters like job interviews and executive meetings, it makes sense to freshen up your look so you can shine for the camera, says Carol Anderson, RN, CANS, owner of Nouveau MedSpa.

“Glow is what you want to achieve,” says Anderson. “When your skin has that, it’s a sign of youthfulness. If your skin doesn’t have a natural youthful look, it’s a good idea to use cosmetics that create a little bit of shine in certain areas. You want a little light to reflect off areas like the forehead, cheekbones, jawline and chin, and a little bit off the bridge of the nose, but not the tip. If you can accomplish this, you’ll look fresher during a video call.”

Anderson says it’s important to avoid makeup that’s on the heavy or opaque side. “Especially around the eyes, keep your foundation lighter and brighter,” she says. “If you’re in a job interview, remember that meeting someone’s gaze and reading signals from the eyes are how people gain trust. What you might normally think of as the right amount of makeup may look like too much on video. You want your appearance to be approachable, positive and welcoming.”

If you want to freshen up your skin before an important meeting but don’t have a lot of time, consider an office visit for dermaplaning, Anderson advises. “The technique uses a very sharp blade to remove dead skin and fine peach fuzz from the face,” she says. “You also can add a mask treatment to hydrate. Your makeup will go on much smoother, and you’ll have more of a glow without that dead skin.”

If you’ve got a bit more time before your meeting date, scheduling a broadband light treatment is a good idea, especially if your skin has sun damage and abnormal pigmentation, Anderson notes. “BBL can minimize the look of capillaries and brown spots,” she says. “Brown and red discoloration tend to absorb light, not reflect it like you want. Correcting these areas will give you a more even skin tone for the camera.”

Exfoliating, moisturizing and hydrating are other keys to fresh looking skin. “You may have cosmetic scrubs at home that contain ground apricot kernels, but this may be too large of a grit and actually can cause microtears in the skin,” she explains. “Instead, try mixing some coconut oil with very fine baker’s sugar, and exfoliate with this mixture the morning before you are going on camera. It will remove dead skin cells, the oil will make your skin more supple, and your makeup will look more dewy.”

Anderson also suggests a moisturizer like Uma Oil or SkinCeuticals Emollience, and she recommends drinking plenty of water to hydrate from within. “In the winter, furnace heat dries out your skin, so having a mister or humidifier on in your bedroom at night can help as well,” she says.

Finally, try to avoid drinking alcohol and eating salty foods for at least a day before a video meeting. “They may alter the appearance of your skin and eyes by making you look puffy,” Anderson says. “Be sure to get enough sleep so you look refreshed for your important date with the camera.”