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Somewhere That’s Green

Sitting on almost 2 acres filled with beautiful, mature trees, you would guess the home of Mike and Karen Wetmore is nestled somewhere in the country. But the lush, verdant property actually is in University City, a short drive from the heart of downtown. The home offers the best of both worlds: wide-open spaces with beautiful views and all of the amenities of urban living. 

T&S | What do you like about University City?

Karen Wetmore (KW) | We love the people. It’s also very walkable. We’re close enough that we can do a lot of things without having to get in the car and drive.

Mike Wetmore (MW) | I like the diversity. Plus, the location is great. It’s close to downtown where I work and the baseball stadium, which we visit often. 

T&S | What initially attracted you to the property?

KW | We knew the previous owners. They were very good friends of ours and lived in the house for 18 years. One night, they came over for dinner and told us they were moving to New York to be closer to their grandchildren. We were perfectly satisfied with our previous home, but when they suggested we buy theirs, we jumped at the opportunity.

MW | It’s very unique. There are almost 2 acres of land, so it’s like country living in the middle of the city. The house also is very open. The floor-to-ceiling windows let in sunlight, making it bright and airy.

KW | It’s beautiful in the winter, too. When it snows, it’s like looking out over a winter wonderland. We’ve been in the house 19 years, and I still consider it a great gem in our lives. 

T&S | Have you made any changes?

MW | Our friends already had a beautiful addition done, so we haven’t built on. We’ve made some improvements and upgrades. We’ve also done a lot of landscaping over the years, including putting in some large boulders.

KW | We renovated the bathroom on the first floor so we’ll be able to age in place. 

T&S | Do you enjoy gardening?

KW | It’s my big spring and summer fascination. Between the bunnies and squirrels, I haven’t had much success with vegetables, but we have beautiful flowers. Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about deer
eating those!

T&S | What do you use your outdoor spaces for?

KW | When our grandkids come to visit, our yard is the perfect soccer or wiffle ball field. We also have a wonderful screened-in porch and do a lot of summer entertaining with friends. It’s just delightful. 

MW | The porch is perfect, even when it’s raining. It feels like you’re in the rainforest, but you get to stay dry.

T&S | How would you describe your design style?

KW | It’s influenced by midcentury modern aesthetics. I try not to have anything competing with the views. We don’t have window treatments, and in the spring, summer and fall, it really does feel like the outdoors come in.

T&S | What is your favorite room?

KW | I love the living room. You can sit on the couch and enjoy the sun streaming in through the windows. In the summer, the trees are in bloom, creating a beautiful, green canopy.

MW | I like our breakfast room. It’s next to the kitchen and connects to the back porch. It’s spacious and faces west, so it’s very bright.