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Spotlight: Stange Law Firm

Many area children will be carrying much more than backpacks and textbooks as they return to class this fall. Sons and daughters of divorcing or unmarried parents often shoulder added burdens of family discord, worry and uncertainty. COVID-19 restrictions can further complicate the issue, resulting in a heavy emotional load for kids who instead should be focusing on history and math, says Kirk Stange, founding partner of the Stange Law Firm.

“Fall is a busy season for legal services related to divorce and child custody, and this year, the situation is even more complicated because many school campuses aren’t reopening right now,” Stange says. “Family conflicts can erupt over homeschooling responsibilities and work-life balance issues. Some parents may feel their ex-spouses aren’t capable of homeschooling their kids, and others disagree over sending them to public vs. private school. Unfortunately, there is a lot of family tension at this time of year.”

Stange says his firm, which focuses on family law, can help bridge these divides with compassionate legal services that take parents’ and children’s needs into consideration. “We have trained divorce mediators who can help families regroup and move on with their lives,” he notes. “We also offer collaborative divorce, which involves trained attorneys and other professionals like coaches and financial advisors. Often, we can help clients avoid litigation and settle their issues amicably out of court.”

He explains that many divorced couples’ formal parenting plans revolve around school schedules, but when campuses are closed, they have nowhere to go for contactless drop-offs and pickups. “This may mean more face-to-face encounters when parents are exchanging their children, which can get thorny,” Stange says. “Also, parents who don’t want to teach at home may try to transfer their kids from shuttered public schools to private ones that are reopening. This can create a lot of strife over tuition costs and related matters.”

Stange says the firm’s attorneys work closely with each family to learn individual needs and design a plan of action that minimizes conflict. “Many families have kids with disabilities and learning issues that have to be taken into account,” he says. “Some parents are returning to work outside the home, and others are not. All of these factors affect the outcome of a custody arrangement. We can work with moms and dads to review their parenting plans and see if modifications are needed. The more we know about family dynamics, the more effectively we can help.”

He says his practice is growing because of an ever-increasing need for family legal services, and his staff is well equipped to make a difference for parents and their children. The firm has attorneys in Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Oklahoma, all of whom are dedicated to helping families heal. “When divorcing parents are unable to compromise, our firm can step in and provide guidance,” Stange notes. “We can address a difficult situation before it becomes a battle, get family members on the same page and work together to achieve positive results for everyone.”

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Kirk Stange is responsible for this content. Place of business: 120 S. Central Ave., Ste. 450, Clayton, MO, 63105

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