Whether it’s an engagement or another important milestone, we often choose jewelry to commemorate special times in our lives. At The Diamond Bar in Town and Country, owner Chris Phillips believes the piece itself should be equally as special. He is dedicated to providing a shopping experience unlike any other. Along with providing repair and appraisal services, the store helps clients create one-of-a-kind pieces and offers a unique selection of custom jewelry for them to shop.

For almost two decades, Phillips has been perfecting the craft of jewelry design, so he can create pieces that are unlike those found in most display cases. He enjoys bringing people’s visions to life, so they walk away happy with something completely original and unique to them. “Custom jewelry allows you to design a ring or special piece that only you will have,” he says. “At The Diamond Bar, creating a custom piece doesn’t cost more than purchasing something pre-made. We design each piece per our client’s budget, depending on the stones chosen.”

When designing a custom item at The Diamond Bar, people can bring in their own diamonds and gemstones or choose from the store’s selection of natural diamonds and other stones. Phillips meets with clients one-on-one to discuss ideas and hand sketch the design. Those sketches are then used to create a 3D model in a computer program. The program allows the design to be altered, so the final product is exactly as desired. The model is used to create a wax mold, which is cast in the metal of the customer’s choosing. “The final product is hand-set and polished to perfection right here in the shop,” he says.

The Diamond Bar lives up to its name as it includes a fully stocked bar that is complimentary for guests. It is part of Phillips’ unique approach to customer service. One of his major goals is to create a less stressful experience. “We provide a relaxed atmosphere that allows clients to focus on their wants and needs, not what a store is trying to sell them,” he explains. “Our goal is to find or create something that you fall in love with rather than just another piece that you could find in any jewelry display. Our elevated spirits bar and jewelry bar, helps our clients relax and shop while not feeling overwhelmed.”

The store recently celebrated its two-year anniversary. Phillips says he’s grateful for the support The Diamond Bar has received. “We have been fortunate enough to create hundreds of new pieces for clients,” he notes. “We love to design, and our clients give us the freedom to do so. As we continue, we’re looking forward to becoming St. Louis’ custom jewelry store. We want people to know they don’t have to be afraid of choosing a custom piece. At The Diamond Bar, they have a place where you can get something that is truly one-of-a-kind.”

13360 Clayton Road