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The Colorful Kitchen

They say the healthiest meals are colorful, so shouldn’t your kitchenware be the same way? 

Stately Navy 
For moodier blues, we’ve never met a shade of navy we didn’t love. It looks amazing with chinoiserie, but it really shines all on its own. Display on your countertop for maximum impact.

Pretty in Pink 
Feminine, playful and oh-so-sweet, pink will have you craving sweets every time you walk into your kitchen. We won’t tell if you sneak a cookie before dinner. 

Soft Sage
Sage is the new neutral. This soft, calming hue is perfect for savory bites or fresh salads. Our recommendation? Grab a friend and take your sage serveware outside for a dreamy picnic. 

Simply White 
These boards and vases are the no-nonsense kitchen essentials we can’t get enough of. The best part? Your food will pop against the ultra clean backdrop of a white charcuterie or tapas board. 

Beautifully Natural Wood
Maybe it’s time to go au naturel. Oak and pine warm up the space and tie a sense of home into all the new features. 

Denim & French Blue
This energetic blue is perfect for adding a pop of color. It goes perfectly with chinoiserie, those blue and white beauties that bring class and history to
any room.  

Rich Merlot 
If you love decorating for the holidays, this hue will bring a festive spirit without the seasonal iconography that would relegate it to being used only one or two months each year.

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