Q: I have a full-time job, but my income isn’t enough to cover vacations or much-needed renovations at home. I’m thinking about a side hustle to supplement my savings but not sure I’ve got what it takes to balance a demanding full-time job and a rewarding side hustle. Thoughts?

A: Trying to juggle a full-time career and a side hustle is no easy task. However, if that extra income allows you to save money for vacations and to renovate your home, it can be worth it. That said, here are a few thoughts that might help guide you:

Make Sure Your Employer Approves: One of the biggest hurdles in pursuing a side hustle is to make sure your full-time employer allows it. If you have an employment contract, check your company’s policy about a second job. Although more progressive companies are increasingly allowing a side gig, there may be non-disclosure agreements and non-compete clauses. Your first move should be to schedule a meeting with HR and your boss for permission and to explain how you would set boundaries to ensure you provide optimal effort to your full-time job and provide transparency to clients.

Set Boundaries: Your side hustle needs to be on your time and cannot interfere with your full-time job, which typically takes 40 hours each week. Keep focused while at work, and that means no work on your new endeavor during scheduled work hours. Since your full-time job probably contributes a larger portion of your income, don’t risk getting potentially fired by working on personal projects. And it goes without saying you can’t take home office supplies, use company printers for your side gig or conduct business from your company laptop even after hours. And if you find you need additional human resources for your new side job, do not poach from your current employer by recruiting your co-workers.

Organize Your Time: Know what you are willing to sacrifice to set up another business. Be realistic in understanding your limits. Use a planner, create routines and set schedules to effectively manage your time. This will be essential to balancing your full-time job, side hustle and your personal life to prevent burnout. Blocking specific time frames for each of these elements of your day will help create and maintain a healthy work-life balance. And don’t forget to build in time for hobbies, self-care and social activities.

Finally, talk with others you respect who have successfully been able to work a full-time job along with a side hustle. Again, prioritize self-care, getting enough rest and staying motivated. With the right strategies, you can successfully manage both your full-time job and your side hustle.

Joan Lee Berkman is a marketing and public relations consultant. if you have a question for Joan, send it to business@townandstyle.com.