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Trend Report from L.A.: 10.9.19

‘80s comeback
What goes around comes around, and that couldn’t be any truer of scrunchies. The once passé hair accessory has made its comeback into the beauty mainstream. They’re a subtle statement-maker, from velvet and silk to neon and patterned. Best of all, they work with every hair type or texture and are a stylish way to accessorize without breaking the bank.

bye, bye booty shorts
If scrunchies aren’t your cup of tea, that’s OK. Bike shorts may be the year’s No. 1 ‘80s-inspired trend taking over L.A. street style. The skin tight, high-waist elastic shorts are back, but this time, it’s about personal style, not fitness. Pair with anything from a hoodie to a blazer. This look is all about versatility.

tonally cool
Nail art has dominated the better part of a decade now. From stickers to gemstones, more is more when it comes to this trend. With rainbows infiltrating apparel and accessories, it was only a matter of time before the color wheel made its way to nails. Tonal nails (painting each one a different color) is a simple yet fun way to punch up your weekly manicure. Whether it’s full-on rainbow or a subtle ombre, tonal manicures are the latest Instagram nail art trend among influencers and Angelenos (which are usually one and the same if you ask me).

micro mini
If your purse looks like it could have its own Hoarders episode, then micro mini purses aren’t for you. Seemingly impractical yet completely fashionable, super small handbags are as cute as they are silly. While I wonder where anyone holding such a small bag is hiding their iPhone 11, there is something to be said for carrying a lighter purse. All kidding aside, I hope this is a trend that lasts. Carrying a heavy purse can be a major health hazard, and that’s never in style.

more than makeup
Not into sunless tanner, but don’t want to lose your summer glow? Kim Kardashian to the rescue! The reality star, beauty mogul, mom and future lawyer released her line of KKW Beauty body foundation, body shimmer and body powder, and I just can’t get enough. From covering up enlarged pores to adding a little extra shimmer to your decolletage, Kim K. has put body makeup on the map. Just one more thing we can thank the Kardashians for.