Universal design refers to developing spaces that can be used by the widest range of people, in particular as they get older or develop disabilities.With an aging baby boomer population, a greater emphasis has been placed on universal design and its desirability for allowing us to ‘age in place.’

[accessible gardening]
Trending-AccessibleGardensAllenGardening has tremendous therapeutic benefits but can be hard on the body. Accessible Gardens offers convenient indoor/outdoor rolling raised garden beds for the versatility to enjoy gardening, standing or seated, indoors or out.
Photo: Accessible Gardens

[walk-in shower]
Trending-mosby-UD-shower-01A custom walk-in shower by Mosby Building Arts provides easy access, bench seating inside and out, and four shower heads plus a hand-held.
Photo: Mosby Building Arts

[dual-purpose grab bar]
Trending-Invisia-Shampoo-shelf-with-grab-barGrab bars are great for providing added safety and stability in the bath or shower. The Invisia shampoo shelf with built-in grab bar provides both safety and storage in three finishes. Available locally at Immerse by Atlas showroom.
Photo: Invisia

[lever door handles]
Trending-Lisbon-Lever-KwiksetConverting old-fashioned round doorknobs to lever door handles is a simple change. Levers are easier to open and are considered ADA compliant. The sleek, modern new ‘Lisbon’ from Kwikset adds style, too.
Photo: Kwikset

[smart switch]
Trending-adorne-SensaSwitch_KitchenNever step into a dark room again. The adorne SensaSwitch by Legrand uses motion-sensing technology to automatically turn the lights on and off when you enter or leave a room, ensuring that your path is always safely lit.
Photo: Legrand

[custom kitchen]
Trending-mosby-accessible-kitchenThis award-winning accessible kitchen designed by Mosby Building Arts features numerous customizations, including upper cabinets that can be lowered to counter height with the touch of a button and an island with a cooktop and legroom underneath. The base cabinets also have accessible pullout trays.
Photo: Mosby Building Arts

[universal height toilet]
Trending-Eco-Nexus-Toilet-TOTOTOTO offers a large variety of accessible toilets like the stylish and environmentally friendly Eco Nexus. At 17 inches from base to seat, this ergonomic design is more comfortable for sitting and rising.
Photo: Toto

[wellness mats]
Trending-Wellness-MatAnti-fatigue Wellness Mats are great for the kitchen, bathroom or any spot where you need to stand for a period of time. Ergonomically engineered and medically proven to promote and increase proper circulation, they encourage better posture, muscle conditioning and improve overall health. Shown here in Sand Dollar from the Coastal Estates Collection.
Photo: Wellness Mats