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White Light Fixtures

This year, we are going bright and vibrant, and what better way to do that than to light up a room with white fixtures? We are crazy about this trend because of how easily it can be integrated into any room design.

Design: Vernich Interiors | Photo: Alyssa Rosenheck

Lamps » A white lamp can create a pop of modern vibrance in the darkest room and add a cozy ambiance to an already soft vibe. Whether it’s a modern floor lamp next to the bed or a classic table lamp for your entryway, these pieces add cohesion to a room with a simple pop of white. Adding a lamp is a simple, and often affordable, way to enhance a room, and this year, we are inspired by white.

Design: Blake London | Photo: Malcom Menzies

Pendants & Chandeliers » Lighting is meant to highlight the features of a space, but why not make it the focal point of your room? White pendants and chandeliers are bright enough to stand out, but not overpowering enough to dominate the room. When paired with the growing trend of all white or soft pastel room designs, these hanging white fixtures offer a warmer aesthetic and create the perfect mix of minimalism and style. They can add drama to neutral designs or balance to a sea of color.

Design: Timothy Godbold | Photo: Alec Hemer

White Sconces » A white sconce is an easy and versatile upgrade to enhance any space, regardless of the style. Update a dark wall to bring exciting contrast and a cool, modern touch or create a soft, cozy vibe in your favorite reading nook or library.

Changing the lighting in a room can refresh the entire feel, whether it’s a big change like getting a funky new chandelier or something smaller like installing a new sconce in the kitchen. White lighting fixtures are an easy addition to update any room and are essential as we look for more ways to brighten up the home.

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