Will This Be Enough?

Dear Homework,
After nearly 30 years of living in our Dutch Colonial home, it’s time we focused on the exterior and freshened up its curb appeal. We intend to remove the original slate on the gambrel roof and replace it with architectural shingles, as well as paint the brick and change the trim color. The painted panel above the garage door has always bothered me, and a new garage door is in our future. Finally, the 30-foot holly tree provides nice afternoon shade but overshadows the façade. I hate to see it go, but my husband is ready to get out the chainsaw. We would greatly welcome your design ideas.

—Will This Be Enough?

Dear Will This Be Enough?,
You suggest some extensive updates to your home that will greatly change and improve its presentation, but the issue we should first address is the appearance of the garage/sun-porch wing, which needs improvement. As you note, the façade above the garage door needs help, and I have filled the blank space with a new trellis and French doors with a Juliet balcony. Painting everything to match the new brick and trim color should make it blend well and add quality to an area that previously compromised the rest of the handsome elevation.

The new garage door that you suggest restates the detail of the balcony. Painting the brick and replacing the roof shingles results in a fresher, more ‘even’ appearance. A new front door in a Craftsman style underscores the existing look, and trimming the holly tree reveals more of the handsome façade. Finally, painting the downspouts and gutters black adds a nice contrast and elegance to the whole composition. New paint, shingles and garage door will make a huge impact, but ‘fixing’ the area above the garage door is necessary to pull the entire presentation together.

Hope this helps,

Homework is penned by Paul Doerner, founding partner of the Lawrence Group. If you would like your home critiqued, contact us at homework@townandstyle.com.