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Workout With Patty

St. Louis is known for so many things—baseball, toasted ravioli and ‘the square beyond compare’ being a few. But it really should be known for the sheer number of fitness options available across the city! Last fall, I tried quite a few locally owned spots and shared my experiences in the paper. After, I heard from many of you about your favorite places to sling some steel, so to speak. It took this old body of mine a little while to try your suggestions, but I did. As you read these reviews, keep in mind that I am 58 and in reasonably good shape—with a bad shoulder, crunchy knees and a strong hatred of sweat. Consider yourself warned.

location: clayton
I am still stunned at how beautiful this place is! Even if you aren’t going to work out, go take a look and eat at the cafe, which offers all kinds of healthy foods. I signed up for a chakra yoga class hoping it would be the easiest. I was wrong. It was very challenging … but, since there were no mirrors, no one could see how badly I was doing! There are classes all day, many in heated studios, and there are numerous membership options. It’s a one-stop place for those who like fitness in a group setting. My daughter can’t get enough of it.

fit stl
location: glendale
Kerri Simmons provides a variety of classes that strive to improve both your functional and strength training. I did this class with a friend, and I am proud to report, I only fell and crawled to the next station once! Kerri keeps the class moving, and I absolutely would be in fantastic shape if I went faithfully. Classes usually have 12 people, two doing the same activity as you rotate throughout the gym. Great overall workout!

forward fitness
location: maplewood
The best description of this studio is that it felt like Cheers! No, people weren’t drinking beer, but as a newcomer to the group, I found everyone very encouraging, giving me high-fives when I actually did something right. I felt like I belonged! It’s a quick, 50-minute, all-over workout, again moving among various stations with a trainer who watches you to prevent you from hurting yourself. I was exhausted from the workout but so happy I went.

location: chesterfield
Let’s just say, I had a really bad attitude about dragging a tire around a parking lot. That said, I did it and managed to tell everyone I ran into that day what a badass I was! Studio owner Ryan Hansen combines yoga, strength training and cardio in a very efficient workout. I don’t doubt for a minute that regular workouts with him would produce some pretty amazing results. Still, the tire dragging …

palm health
location: ladue
This is so much more than a fitness studio. Services include integrative medicine, a spa, fitness and nutrition. I was just there to take an ELDOA class, though I could easily have been persuaded to slip on a robe and stay a while. ELDOA is a way to decompress your spine and provide myofascial release. As someone who has a bum shoulder and a tendency to hunch over the keyboard, I thought this class was perfect to stretch and relax my weary muscles. I am pretty certain I grew an inch or two. Oh, and don’t get me started on how great this place smells when you walk in the door.

location: brentwood
I do pilates on a regular basis, so I wasn’t expecting to feel much the next day. Wrong. Owner Kim Wallis has a variety of small group classes, and I took the basic reformer one. It was fast moving, but Kim is hands-on, so she makes sure you are in the correct position and encourages you to make adjustments if you have injuries. Sure, she works with a lot of professional athletes, but she seemed just as happy to be with a group of women trying to get into shape. The class flew by, which is always the sign of a good instructor.