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Zooming Into Spring Style

Spring means lots of new things, including fashion trends. It’s the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe with bright and vibrant pieces. One thing that likely will remain the same, however, is working from home or in a hybrid environment. Video conferencing isn’t going away anytime soon. So this spring, look for pieces that work for you just as much on Zoom as on the street. 

get colorful
The easiest way to stand out? A pop of color, of course! Vibrant jewel tones are a great choice, so you can always reach for those sapphire blues, emerald greens and ruby reds. And if you want to truly embrace the spirit of spring, go bright. Eschew the pastels for fresh and lively Kelly greens, sunshine yellows and pretty pinks.

Imperfect Heart Sweatshirt, $138, Lusso

put on a bow on it
When it comes to video conferencing, it’s all about the bust up—if you’re showing anything below the waist, it’s time to adjust your camera angle! To add interesting elements, you may be tempted to accessorize with jewelry, but be careful. Statement pieces may make an impact, but they also may make noise, especially bracelets and chandelier earrings. To add attractive detail, consider wearing a blouse with a bow or adding a scarf to your ensemble.

Annette Bow Tie Sleeveless Blouse, $166, Blush Boutique

earn your stripes
A bold print may seem a little counterintuitive. After all, you don’t want your colleagues to leave a Zoom call feeling dizzy. However, patterns actually work well on camera, especially if your background is a white wall. They also can brighten your face and liven up your overall look. Stripes can be especially eye-catching—in a good way.

Alice + Olivia Delora Boho Geo Print Dress, $350, Nordstrom