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Beauty from A to Z

Whether you’re replicating looks from YouTube and Instagram or simply trying something new, wading into the world of hair and makeup trends can be daunting. Beauty comes with its own language, and it’s constantly evolving with each new fad and product. Here’s a guide to some of the latest lingo.

>> glitter mash: This combines two of the biggest beauty trends: face masks + glitter! The glitter may not offer any skin care benefits, but it’s perfect for Instagram.

>> hg: Taking a page from Monty Python’s book, this acronym stands for Holy Grail and refers to products that are essential to your makeup routine.

>> hun: A half bun

>> jelly nails: This nail trend is a throwback to those plastic jelly shoes that were a childhood staple. Bright, translucent shades are achieved by applying a clear tip or sculpting one with a hard gel and adding a sheer, vibrant polish on top.

>> cold brew: Take some beauty inspiration from your morning Starbucks run. This color trend for brunettes is meant to echo the look of adding milk to your coffee with a mix of highlights and lowlights.

>> ghosted: No, this isn’t about ditching a date via unanswered calls and text messages. This hair color trend was created to add dimension to platinum locks by mixing graphite, quartz and oyster hues. Highlights are placed so they’re hidden inside the hair and result in flashes of color when hair moves. Those quick glimpses of shimmery shades are where the name comes from—it’s like you’ve seen a ghost!

>> depotting: This space-saving hack involves removing makeup like eyeshadow or blush from its original packaging to put it on something more practical, usually round or square metal pans on a magnetic palette.

>> underliner: This look flips the script on winged eyeliner. Instead of tracing the upper lash line, follow the lower one and flick the liner upward at the end.

>> ring lights: What is the secret to some of beauty vloggers’ most flawless looks? Well, sometimes it has less to do with the perfect product and more to do with perfect lighting. A favorite of beauty influencers (including Kylie Jenner), these circular lights cast a soft, even glow and wash out blemishes. Just place your camera in the center, and you’re ready for your close-up.

>> thumbprint eyeliner: Have cat-eye mishaps made you swear off liquid eyeliner? Then this bold look is perfect for you. It trades sharp wings for a rounded shape at the outer corner of the eye. Celebrities like Selena Gomez and Lady Gaga are fans, and designers Tom Ford and Jason Wu have featured it on runway models.

>> non-touring: An alternative to the chiseled lines of contouring, this makeup technique uses a luminous primer, tinted moisturizer and highlighter to create a fresh, natural-looking glow.

>> opal: Eschewing bold, vibrant hues, this hair color trend combines lighter, iridescent pinks, purples, greens and blues on a platinum base. The results are pearly, pastel locks reminiscent of the gemstone.