From the brilliance of freshly fallen snow to the twinkle of thousands of colorful lights, the holidays are a time when the world truly shines—and it’s a wonderful opportunity to give some sparkle to the special people in your life. Whether it’s the perfect gift or a custom engagement or wedding ring, The Diamond Bar in Town and Country has jewelry for every occasion. Owned by designer Christopher Phillips, the store offers a shopping experience unlike any other.

Phillips has been designing custom jewelry for 18 years. He studied at a jewelry school in Illinois where he handcrafted many of the tools he still uses today. To date, he has created more than 3,500 custom pieces. He enjoys providing clients with one-of-a-kind items that no one else has. “I create pieces that are unique for each customer,” he says. “You can walk down the street and see three women wearing the same bracelet. One received it as a birthday gift, one to mark their anniversary and the last to celebrate having a baby. Those are major occasions, and they deserve unique pieces to reflect how special these life events are—not just something picked from a case that anyone can buy.”

When designing jewelry at The Diamond Bar, Phillips says the process starts with choosing a stone. “I’m always inspired by the gemstone first,” he explains. “I start with five to 10 different drawings, and then mix and match ideas to create a truly unique piece.” For custom pieces, people can bring in their own stones or choose from the store’s selection of natural diamonds and other gemstones. This holiday season, Phillips recommends starting the consultation process before the end of the first week of December. “Depending on how complicated the piece is, the process takes anywhere from two to five weeks from start to finish,” he says. “Over the next month, we’ll probably make around 100 custom pieces.”

For holiday shoppers who don’t have time to design their own items, The Diamond Bar has a selection of more than 850 unique pieces in store. Phillips notes that he is seeing a lot of people looking for colored stones right now, especially sapphires. “We have a great collection of sapphire jewelry, including pieces in different colors like pink, green and teal,” he says. “We’re also excited to offer our new Candy Collection, which debuted with our Black Friday sale. Each piece is designed around a gemstone with amazing color, and they all can be stacked and worn with one another.”

As they browse, guests can enjoy the store’s complimentary fully stocked bar—another part of Phillips’ unique approach to reimagining the jewelry purchasing process. “At The Diamond Bar, we want to create an atmosphere that welcomes people to explore comfortably,” he explains. “My staff and I build relationships with clients—they aren’t just sales statistics. I’ve had people compare us to custom boutiques in New York and California. It’s a high compliment to be recognized for that level of craftsmanship, quality and innovation.”

Located in Town and Country at 13360 Clayton Road, The Diamond Bar offers a one-of-a kind shopping experience, including custom jewelry design. Pictured on the cover: Designer Jess Troeckler and owner Christopher Phillips. For more information, call 314.548.5100 or visit

Cover design by Julie Streiler
Cover photo courtesy of The Diamond Bar

Pictured at top: The Diamond Bar offers a curated selection of one-of-a-kind pieces.
Photo courtesy of The Diamond Bar