Traditionally, the 50th anniversary is represented by gold. It’s a fitting analogy for the work Youth In Need does to highlight the best of our community. Founded in 1974, the nonprofit is dedicated to helping underserved youth and families create brighter futures. “Our mission is to build on the potential kids and teens already have so they find safety, hope and success in life,” president and CEO Pat Holterman-Hommes says. “It is critical to understand that all youth and families have the internal strength necessary to overcome whatever challenges they may be facing. Our job is to help them identify and use it.”

Youth In Need serves more than 8,000 local children and teens each year. The nonprofit’s services are focused on four crucial areas: supporting young people experiencing homelessness, working with school-age children to improve their mental health and well-being, assisting youth in foster and adoptive care, and preparing young children for kindergarten through early childhood education initiatives. “It’s important that we support all youth in the region as we would our own kids,” Holterman-Hommes adds. “With the right resources, every child and teen can realize their potential and find success.”

For its entire 50-year history, Youth In Need has been dedicated to getting involved within the communities it serves. The nonprofit has its own facilities, including its headquarters, emergency shelter, group homes and early childhood centers. It also works within several schools, community centers and other locations throughout the region. “We bring our services to where the need is greatest,” Holterman-Hommes says. “We believe in meeting people where they are, and that often means partnering with other organizations to broaden our reach in the community.”

While five decades is an exciting milestone to reach, Holterman-Hommes says that Youth In Need will continue to grow and develop so it can better target issues impacting the region. “When we look back, it’s been 50 years of impact, community and potential—both reaching our own potential through programming and helping young people and families discover theirs,” she explains. “Looking forward to the next 50 years, our goal is to deepen community partnerships and focus on ending the cycle of generational trauma. We will continue to empower children and teens to change their lives, overcome crises, improve their mental health outcomes and prepare for success in school and beyond.”

To make its mission possible, Youth In Need hosts an annual Golfing for Youth Benefit Tournament. This year’s event is Aug. 5, and participants will have the chance to choose between courses at both Whitmoor Country Club and Missouri Bluffs Golf Club in St. Charles. “The tournament is always a really fun day, and it is critical in helping us provide a broad range of services,” Holterman-Hommes says. “We are truly grateful for the support we receive. When you help youth, you’re not just changing the trajectory of their lives. You’re helping the entire region thrive.”

Youth In Need is celebrating 50 years of building positive futures for children, teens and families. Its Golfing for Youth Benefit Tournament is Aug. 5 at Whitmoor Country Club and Missouri Bluffs Golf Club in St. Charles. Pictured on the cover: Ashwini Kherdekar, Kim Buie, Pat Holterman-Hommes, Melissa Tureaud, Michelle Gorman. For more information, call 636.946.5600 or visit

Cover design by Julie Streiler
Cover photo by Bill Barrett