Much of contemporary decor is defined by a modern, sleek and pared down aesthetic. While that style has its place, it can lack personality and warmth. The solution? Bohemian decor. The design style gets its name from, well, Bohemianism. A French cultural movement in the 19th century, Bohemianism is all about living a life away from social norms and conventions. How does that translate to interior design? Think unconventional decor, eclectic pieces and globally inspired items.

the hallmarks of bohemian design
The Bohemian aesthetic embraces creative and carefree decor. While there are some common elements seen in the style, often the items selected are very personal to the homeowner. Decor is often mixed and matched across a variety of textures, patterns, colors and motifs to create a comfortable and
meaningful space.

  • Layered decor pieces
  • Rattan and wicker elements
  • Eclectic or vintage furniture pieces
  • Jewel tones like amethyst, sapphire, ruby and emerald
  • Global textiles like suzani, berber, ikat and shibori
  • Plush seating like chaise lounges, daybeds and butterfly chairs as well as floor rugs and oversized pillows for floor seating
  • Items made from organic materials or inspired by the natural world
  • Clutter

how to introduce it in your home
Bohemian decor may seem bold and cluttered, but it is adaptable. A lot of Modern Boho goes for a more neutral palette and contemporary elements paired with pops of color, texture and pattern. Playing with Boho design is a great way to introduce some personality and coziness into your home.

  • Don’t be afraid to mix and layer. Boho design is all about interesting combinations in art, textiles and accents. This can extend to mixing other design styles, such as pairing sleek Midcentury Modern pieces with more ornamented traditional items.
  • Go bold with rich colors and bright patterns.
  • Make a statement with a rug. Boho design often includes high pile rugs, ornate Persian styles and geometric options inspired by south western designs.
  • Add personality to your home through personal trinkets and accents. The global inspirations of Boho decor makes it ideal for the seasoned traveler to display items they have collected, or you can show off family heirlooms.
  • Pick items that are handmade from natural materials.
  • Bring the outdoors through plants.