There is a new-ish trend I have been following that seems to be sticking. Grandmillennial, sometimes referred to as Granny Chic, mixes very traditional elements that a millennial’s grandmother might have had in her home with a more modern aesthetic. Some key elements are floral wallpaper, ruffled and skirted furniture, antiques, embroidery, drapery and patterns repeating on multiple elements. With repurposing furniture so trendy right now, there is no doubt that it has influenced this cool, new style.

Grandmillennial is fun and playful with lots of pops of color alongside vintage elements.

In this modern kitchen, you can see the nod to the past in the lighting, fabric blinds and flooring.

The pop of floral wallpaper on the ceiling adds a vintage touch to this study.

Here you can see the layering of old school patterns and ruffles, yet the result looks modern and fresh.

Slipcovered stools with a pleated modern ruffle, brass fixtures and copper pans add the “grand” feel in an otherwise modern kitchen.

Even just a vintage feeling light fixture can change the tenor of a kitchen.

A classic example of Grandmillennial style.

This trend from the past has made a big comeback: repeating the same pattern from walls, to linens to upholstered furniture.

Even skirted tables, in an updated and sophisticated look, are making their return.

This sophisticated den epitomizes Granny Chic with its wallpaper, ruffles, florals and velvets.

Some images of this new trend are reminiscent of a chic and eclectic English cottage.

This image really depicts the modern and traditional element seamlessly combined for a stunning result.