There’s something magical about escaping to the countryside. While it’s not always possible to leave behind the urban grind, you can recreate that country charm in your home. If you’re looking for a more refined approach to a cottagecore aesthetic, French Country may be your answer. Inspired by, you guessed it, the French countryside, the interior design style blends rustic and refined. The result is a space that is warm, welcoming and casual while still feeling a little luxurious.


the hallmarks of french country design
French Country is all about mixing and matching, such as combining natural rustic materials with more elegant elements like touches of gold or patterned fabrics. The style incorporates antique furnishings, weathered finishes, natural materials and warm neutrals, although bolder colors can be used.

  • Softly patterned fabrics, such as florals or Toile de Jouy
  • Warm muted colors
  • Vintage furnishings and accessories
  • Curvy-lined furniture
  • Exposed wooden ceiling beams
  • Natural stone, wood or brick
  • Weathered appearance
  • Rustic touches
  •  Eclectic decor pieces

how to introduce it in your home
With French Country design, the focus isn’t on buying the latest must-have furniture items or picking matching sets. Instead, opt to look for unique antique pieces or decor elements that spark joy and can be incorporated into your existing collections. Lighting can be a great place to start. A rustic chandelier is a must in a French Country home’s dining room, living space or bedroom.

  • Look for salvaged and repurposed decor. Weathered wood and chipped paint add character and a sense of history.
  • Choose furniture pieces with curves and soft edges to soften the appearance of your space.
  • Don’t be afraid of more ornate touches inspired by French decor, such as gilded mirrors or vases full of flowers.
  • Add trusses to give more modern homes the look of original wood beams.
  • Consider window dressings. For a more casual look, pick a more rustic fabric like gingham. Looking for something more formal? Silk draperies are a great option.