Going green has become part of our culture, and now, it seems the color also is seeing a rebirth as a favorite in interior design. Biophilic design (incorporating natural elements such as plants into decor) is a new industry trend. But today, I’m reviewing some outstanding uses of green of all shades. Green can sooth you, excite you and make you happy.

Color blocked books are combined with basil green walls and millwork for a knockout library.

A breakfast room is the perfect place to experiment with refreshing green tones.

Green home exteriors also are on the rise and blend perfectly with the nature surrounding them.

Who wouldn’t want to have a drink at this bar?

Use a statement piece like this velvet couch to bring greens into your home.

Wallpaper is a great way to incorporate green. The coordinating vanity color emphasizes the impact.

Painting your interior doors green may seem a bridge too far, but it packs a punch.

This dining room is both vibrant and inviting with its green and black color scheme. @johnphilipansehldesign

Green works in kitchens, too. Love this blue-green shade.

Nothing shines more than lacquered walls. This olive tone is understated but has a high impact.

If you want a pop of green without committing fully, try drapery.

All green florals are all the rage. This one is all edible and gorgeous to boot! @johnphilipansehldesign