It’s important to take breaks for your physical and mental wellbeing, but it’s not always easy to find the time in a jam-packed routine. Thanks to the closing gap between beauty and wellness, these products can help you take a moment away from the daily stresses of life.

moor lavender calming body oil
dr. hauschka
As well as smelling great, research indicates that lavender may be helpful in reducing anxiety, agitation and restlessness. This body oil helps soothe and tone skin while providing a sense of comfort and relaxation. Use before bed and the lavender can help prepare you for a good night’s sleep.
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restorative floral bath
Take the soothing benefits of a bath to the next level with this aromatic soak. Plumeria, jasmine and vetiver create a relaxing floral scent while capsicum pepper eases muscle tension. It’s also good for your skin with ingredients like shea butter and green tea oil to help replenish the natural moisture barrier and soothe inflammation.
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the ritual of jing hand mask
This hand mask is designed to soothe and soften rough, dry skin while you sleep. Thanks to microbiome-friendly actives, it helps strengthen the skin barrier and keep it balanced. It also is specially designed to help promote better quality rest thanks to the relaxing scents of sandalwood and lavender.
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cucumber & aloe scent diffuser
u.s. apothecary
Scent can have a big impact on our mood. Research indicates that smell receptors send messages to the part of the brain that controls emotions. Refresh your mind with this soothing combination of aloe water, cucumber, pineapple, coconut and wild berries. Bonus: Both cucumber and aloe have been known to reduce inflammation and keep the skin feeling fresh and hydrated.
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the blue cocoon
may lindstrom skin
This solid balm melts into an
anti-inflammatory moisturizer on touch. It gets its unique hue from blue tansy, which is used to reduce anxiety, manage anger and combat sleep disorders in aromatherapy. As well as hydrating skin, the moisturizer helps restore overall skin function and soothe irritation.
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purifying blue clay mask
the outset
Take a 10-minute spa retreat at home with this mask. It’s made with blue clay to unclog pores and remove excess oil, salicylic acid to remove dead skin and decrease redness, niacinamide to brighten, and pansy and gardenia extracts to soothe. The result is a more even skin tone without the drying effects of some harsher clay masks.
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