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Double Agents: Gladys Manion Real Estate

Aimee Simpson and Suzie Wells met in a real estate class in 1996, and even got their start at the same company, Coldwell Banker. Simpson stayed there for more than 20 years as a member of one of its top producing teams. Wells moved to Gladys Manion Real Estate and was named top agent last year based on sales. Despite their individual successes, the two wanted to do even more for their clients, so last fall, they combined their extensive experience to form a partnership at Gladys Manion.

For the two agents, the decision to partner was a simple one. Simpson says their proactive work ethics complement one another and make for effective work delegation. Wells adds, “Our market niches have always been similar, and we were both ready to make a change as far as advancing our marketing and advertising. It just made sense.” Innovative, integrative marketing was something the pair attacked immediately. “It really did start with establishing our brand,” Wells says. “The next step is bringing that into our communications with buyers.”

Simpson and Wells are working on creating a cohesive, consistent image across print, web and social media. “We want to think outside the box and understand where our buyers are coming from to create a deeper connection,” Wells says. They want their clients to get know them better and in turn, better know their clients. Their website, wells-simpson.com, is an important piece of this plan. It offers a deeper look at who they are as real estate agents. “Our website is like a continually updating résumé,” Simpson says. “Clients can see our history and know we have some true experience under our belts.” Along with current and former listings and individual bios, it includes the duo’s sales statistics. “People gain confidence in us by looking at our website,” Wells notes.

The two are focusing on the luxury market where they both have the most experience. They recently sold a condo in Clayton that they dubbed their ‘Best-Dressed Condo of 2017’ because of its unique, urban look. “In a building filled with dated units, this one was transformed with a smashing, chic, updated feel,” Wells says.

Ultimately, the partners hope their innovative take on integrated marketing will help them connect more with clients and allow them to offer more comprehensive service. Simpson says their collaboration brings more than 40 years of experience to the table. “We’re really looking forward to combining things that worked well for each of us,” Wells adds. “We will be able do much more than either of us could acting as a single agent.”

Pictured above: The pair’s ‘Best-Dressed Condo of 2017’
Photo courtesy of Gladys Manion Real Estate

Gladys Manion Real Estate has specialized in the St. Louis luxury real estate market for more than 80 years. In their new partnership, Aimee Simpson and Suzie Wells offer more than 40 years of combined real estate experience.Pictured on the cover: Suzie Wells and Aimee Simpson. For more information, call 314.721.4755 or 314.973.8761 or visit gladysmanion.com.

Cover design by Julie Streiler | Cover photo courtesy of Gladys Manion Real Estate