As the automotive industry transitions from internal combustion engines to electric motors, I’m happy to report that luxury drivers won’t be left out. Case in point, the new Mercedes EQS 450+. Basically an electric top-of-the-line S-Series, the EQS is the next generation of Mercedes’ flagship luxury sedan, and it offers all the latest automotive luxury in an environmentally friendly and beautifully styled package.

The first thing you notice about the EQS is its beautiful, aerodynamic styling. Flowing lines and curves belie its large size. Not only does it look smaller than it is, it also drives smaller than it is, offering a comfortable yet somewhat athletic ride despite its 5,600-pound heft.

Inside, the driver and passengers are enveloped in rich leather-clad mildly bolstered seats with heating, cooling and massage capabilities. Amenities include wood accents, dual automatic climate control and an electrically adjustable, thick, leather-wrapped heated steering wheel. All audio, ventilation and other functions are controlled from a large console mounted screen that has a learning curve but can be mastered with a little coaching and some trial and error. Waving your hand in front of the screen activates a digital assistant, and presumably, you can do some functions through voice command, but my kids won’t listen to me so why would a car? The dash is a configurable digital screen in front of the driver that can display a myriad of information.

A sunroof over the front seats tilts and opens while a fixed sunroof covers the rear seats. Rear seat passengers enjoy tons of personal space; it’s almost like a limousine there’s so much leg room. The rear seats also fold to expand the already large, deep trunk, providing tons of cargo carrying capacity and easy access through the rear hatchback. With the seats up, a tonneau cover hides cargo in the trunk area. There’s even a little bit of extra hidden storage beneath the trunk floor. However, there is no trunk in the front. It’s a great SUV alternative.

Despite its size and heft, the EQS is actually a nice car to drive thanks in large part to the instantaneous torque offered by its electric motor. It has lots of pickup, good handling and responsive steering, especially at speed, which is surprisingly good and not overboosted as one would expect in a large luxury car. For cruising, it offers a nice comfortable highway ride, even on less than smooth roads. Ten degree rear axle steering assists at both low and high speeds reducing the turning radius and aiding high speed maneuvering. Brakes also work well, but you are constantly reminded of how much weight they are being asked to slow. There are three regenerative braking modes ranging from full to almost none, and they are set by paddle shifters on the steering column. Not the most intuitive placement, but just know the paddle shifters don’t shift gears (since there are no gears on this electric motor transmission). At 95% charged, the range was just over 400 miles, which is really good. It is estimated that a typical driver will save $3,000 over five years in fuel costs compared to an internal combustion engine.

Being a Mercedes, the EQS offers an array of the latest safety features including active distance assist, active steering assist, active blind-spot assist, rear cross-traffic alert, active lane-keeping assist, active parking assist with a surround view system, guard 360 vehicle protection with damage detection, an anti-theft alarm, ABS and electronic stability control. Though rear vision is slightly compromised by the rear hatch, you can use the back-up camera when reversing. All in all a very nice luxury sedan for the eco minded.

Joe Wolk, general manager at Mercedes-Benz of St. Louis, notes, “Mercedes-Benz hit it out of the park with the all electric EQS, redefining the automobile once again.


  • Price: Base $103,200 including delivery; as driven with options: $105,200
  • Gas mileage: 97 mpg equivalent; range 350 miles, but Edmunds got 422 miles
  • Drivetrain: All electric; rear-wheel-drive (all-wheel-drive available on other models); 329 horsepower, 417 lb/ft of torque; 1-speed automatic transmission.

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