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Face to Face: Jordan Fox

Every high school girl wants to look ‘prom perfect.’ From hair and makeup to the dress and shoes, planning your prom look is something that can be weeks—even months—in the making. The countless beauty tips and tools featured on YouTube and Instagram can make deciding which look is right for you a little overwhelming. I recently spoke with L.A. makeup artist Jordan Fox, a native St. Louisan, about the best ways to prep for the big night. Whether it’s deciding to let a professional take over or learning how to incorporate glitter into your look (without looking like a disco ball!), Jordan’s tips and tricks will keep your makeup picture perfect, from the dancing to the after-parties.

Town&Style: What is the biggest mistake high school girls make when it comes to prom makeup?
Jordan Fox: I think a big one is using too much black eyeliner. A lot of girls forget that less is sometimes more, and they overdo it without balancing their eyes with the rest of their makeup. All you see is eyeliner, and it takes away from their beautiful faces!

T&S: Do you recommend girls get their prom makeup done professionally?
JF: I think it’s always nice to get your makeup done for special occasions. I absolutely would recommend it, especially if you don’t know how to do it well.

T&S: What advice do you have for teenage girls who want very dramatic makeup to look older?
JF: Enjoy your youth! Fresh-faced and barely there makeup is in. Enhance your favorite features, and don’t worry about perfection. Sometimes what we feel are our ‘flaws’ are the very things that make us stand out and look beautiful in our own unique way.

T&S: Prom night is all about pictures. What are some makeup tricks to look your best for the camera?
JF: Get your makeup airbrushed. It’s great for photos and stays on all night. Stay away from mineral powders because they are reflective and can make you look super pale in photos.

T&S: What are some tips for keeping makeup looking fresh throughout the night?
JF: Again, this is where the airbrush comes in handy. But if you don’t do airbrush makeup, make sure you use makeup primers and setting sprays. Liquid lipsticks are also great because they stay put much better than regular lipsticks.

T&S: Are there any new makeup trends for prom?
JF: Glitter is in! Use it on the eyes, lips or even on top of your highlighter. Snag some handmade glitter products from, and have fun! Dewy skin with a beautiful highlight, diffused watercolor-like eyeshadow without heavy eyeliner, and a pop of color on the lips is what it’s all about!

T&S: What would your prom look be?
JF: I would totally go for a fun pop of color on my lips and maybe some glitter eyeliner with a pretty highlighted cheek.

T&S: What are your thoughts on getting a spray tan for prom?
JF: If you are getting a spray tan before prom, make sure you exfoliate properly and go to someone who has sprayed you before. In this case, I would definitely get your makeup done by a professional to better match your skin tone and pick a look that works well with the tan.