You may still be putting away your jack-o-lanterns and other spooky Halloween decor, but the winter holidays are just around the corner. Whatever you’re celebrating, you can create holiday magic for your friends and family through your decor. Here are some trends that can bring some festive cheer to your home this winter.

tree alternatives
Evergreens and artificial trees are staples of Christmas decor, but they’re not without their downsides. Both take up a lot of space, and real trees can pose a problem for four-legged family members. Shake things up this holiday season by opting for a non-traditional centerpiece to pile the presents around. If space is an issue, consider a wall mounted display such as holiday cards in the shape of a tree or use a triangular chalkboard so the family can switch up the “decorations” whenever they wish. The only limit is your imagination.

vintage finds
Evoke your favorite memories of celebrations past by using passed down items like ornaments, tablecloths and other decorations as centerpieces in your decor. Indulging in a little nostalgia is also a way to make your holidays more environmentally friendly since you don’t have to go out and purchase new decorations. Consider mending family pieces or hunting at estate sales, antique shops or online for gently used items.

merry & minimalist
It often seems that with holiday decorations, more is better, but it’s still possible to embellish your home with holiday spirit without going over the top. More muted color palettes and simple greenery can still read winter wonderland without overwhelming your space. Skip the ornaments and lights for a bare tree, create a tablescape focused on natural winter greenery in simple vessels and keep your garlands simple by staying away from baubles and large ribbons. This is an especially appropriate approach to holiday decor if your home’s interior leans more Scandinavian.

sustainable holidays
One holiday trend that’s here to stay is sustainability. Ditch plastic for decorations made from more environmentally friendly materials like brass, glass, wood or papier-mâché. If you want to stretch your own creative muscles, consider making your own garlands and wreaths. You can even forage red berries, holly and pine cones to decorate them. Get the kids involved with paper crafts, such as cutting out snowflakes or folding origami stars to use as ornaments. For the dinner table, choose eco-friendly candles like soy or beeswax. Outside of decor, you can go green for the season by also mixing up your gift wrapping routine. Instead of reaching for one-time use paper, consider trying traditional Japanese furoshiki wrapping cloths or opting for cloth gift bags.

a colorful christmas
We all have personal styles when it comes into interior design, and a big part of that is the colors we bring into our homes. Let’s face it, traditional Christmas red and green or Hannakuh blue aren’t going to fit with all decor. Instead of tweaking your style to fit the mold of holiday decorations, mix up the traditional color scheme to better match your personal palette. If you like a dramatic interior, go with bright and bold jewel tones, like purples, teals, magentas and blues. Looking for something more subdued? Pick pastels for a pop of color that’s less intense. If your interior is more modern inspired, keep the palette focused on white, black, navy and natural wood tones to create an organic but still festive feeling.

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