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Floor covering is a key element in tying a space together and making it feel like home. Whether you choose wood, tile or carpet, flooring presents an opportunity to express your unique style, as long as you keep comfort and durability in mind. Here are a few of the hottest options in flooring right now.


Photo Courtesy of Joni Spear

[herringbone patterns]
Herringbone patterns have grown in popularity and can be achieved with a variety of materials, such as this marble herringbone floor created by interior designer Joni Spear in a University City home. Though marble has been used for centuries, Spear says “We now have more sophisticated machinery available to cut it into individual masterpieces.”


Photo Courtesy of APC Cork

Popular in the 1950s, cork floors are making a comeback as a stylish and sustainable option. Cork is the fully renewable outer-layer of tree bark. “Manufacturers have recently expanded their color lines into trendy blues and greens, in addition to more traditional wood tones,” says Kirk Verseman, president of Missouri Flooring Company.


Photo Courtesy of Johnny Stevens for Robin Bond Interiors, Inc.

[stained concrete]
Concrete isn’t just for outdoors, and it doesn’t have to look cold or industrial. Acid-stained concrete floors provide a truly custom look and incredible durability. When polished to a high gloss, they can even be made to resemble marble or stained for a rustic look.


Photo Courtesy of Nicholaeff Architecture & Design

[textured carpet]
Textured carpet is a great option if you’re looking for a bit of pizzazz without a bold pattern. It adds depth and provides visual interest without overpowering a room. Look for textures that complement your upholstery, draperies or bedding.


Photo Courtesy of The Tile Shop

[wood grain tile]
Get the look of wood with the durability of tile in your kitchen or bath with a wood-grain tile, such as Bayur Borneo from The Tile Shop, designed to resemble the Bayur trees of the Asian island of Borneo—a gray wood with grains of black.


Photo Courtesy of EcoFusion Flooring

Bamboo is a great option for its clean, modern look and its sustainability. It’s also a durable and affordable alternative to hardwood. This Color Fusion, dye-infused, strand-woven bamboo flooring in ‘African Safari’ from EcoFusion is dyed with a unique coloring process using all-natural, plant-based pigments.


Photo Courtesy of Loloi

[bold patterned area rug]
Though more traditional Oriental rugs are always popular, Ross Azalone, director of home furnishings for Amini’s, says customers, particularly younger ones, are seeking more contemporary looks with casual sophistication, particularly black-and-white patterns, as seen in this rug in ‘Onyx’ from the Transitional Charlotte collection by Loloi.


Photo Courtesy of FLOR

[flor carpet design squares]
These individual carpet squares come in myriad colors and textures, allowing you to create your own custom rug, runner or wall-to-wall look. If one square gets damaged, simply replace it. Visit Flor.com to create your custom design or order one of their ‘Ready Rugs,’ like this Made You Look 5 Stripe.

By Amy Burger
Photo courtesy of Ecofusion Flooring


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