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Fluted Features

Who doesn’t love a healthy dose of texture? We’re always looking for unique ways to bring texture to a space, and our latest obsession is definitely a swoonworthy affair. Fluted walls, furniture, light fixtures and decor are filling up our Pinterest boards, and we figured it was time to share with everyone.

All at once, fluting brings a modern, unique touch to the playing field while paying tribute to classical architecture. And yes, we are labeling fluting as a trend that we’re welcoming with open arms, but it really does have a timeless elegance that’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

In the words of interior designer Emily Henderson, fluted accents “add texture without screaming, ‘Hey, I’m modern and cool!’” And a little goes a long way with this subtle, understated detail. Fluted wall panels fit beautifully into modern, minimalistic spaces where they can take center stage. Tight leading between flutes builds texture and contrast while more spaced-out fluting creates a softer, less intense effect.

When extended from floor to ceiling, the clean, vertical lines of wall panel fluting will create the illusion that your ceilings are higher than they really are. Paired with modular, heavy pieces, fluting adds a delicate touch that balances out a space. If fluted walls are too much of a commitment, include fluting on the end of cabinets, kitchen islands, range hoods and fireplaces. The unique texture immediately catches the eye and brings an interesting texture to the space.

Think of fluting as the answer to the never-ending conundrum: “Something needs to go here, but I’m not quite sure what.” The quiet detail speaks volumes. And needless to say, we’re listening.

Including a fluted piece doesn’t mean everything else has to be modern, too. Fluting paired with more traditional features can bring balance and flair to a room. For example, a fluted vanity can be the perfect base to build out a feminine, clean-lined bathroom. So maybe we can’t all bring that floor-to-ceiling fluted wall of our dreams to life, but here’s the good news: There are so many great accents that feature this gorgeous, feminine texture that it is quite easy to incorporate fluted features. We can’t wait to see where this trend will go!

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