Visions of a Veranda

Dear Homework,
We would love your thoughts on our home. We dream about having a full-width front porch, but can’t picture how it would look with the rest of the house. If you have any landscape ideas, we’d be interested in those as well.

—Visions of a Veranda

Dear Visions of a Veranda,
Your house is already charming, and of course, I love your hedges. I would suggest a Regency style porch to give a lighthearted elegance, which will blend well with the rest of the facade. With an arched center opening, curved metal roof and lattice columns, the feel is less serious than it would be with classical columns and a roof balustrade. Also, note that the ground-floor windows have become French doors, and all of the shutters are wider.

The main landscape change is the addition of a pair of pink dogwood trees at the end of the hedges. These frame the house well and won’t grow too tall. I think it feels much more like a veranda than a porch.

Thanks for asking,

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