Beautiful by Mark Sikes, $45 from Sallie Home

Love Affair with Houses by Bunny Williams, $60 from Sallie Home

Mendocino Metal & Rattan Serving Set, $48 from Story Seven

Rustic Stoneware Serving Bowl, $140 from Health & Soul

Old Fashioned Rialto Glassware, $34 from Hearth & Soul

Z Zoned Pillow Collection by Malouf in cooling, aromatherapy and CBD-infused options, prices vary from The Back Store

Hanae Bath Robe by Yves Delorme, $250 from Sallie Home

Poldina PRO Rechargeable LED Table Lamp, $100-$150 from

Grapefruit & Fir Travel Pack, $41 from K. Hall Studios

Charcoal portrait, prices vary from Fine Portraiture in Charcoal by Elizabeth Mayer