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I Do! Wolf & Henschel

Stephanie Wolf’s and Dan Henschel’s romance started in true St. Louis fashion: at a Cardinals game. They met up at Helen Fitzgerald’s before heading to Busch Stadium with a mutual friend. “We had a lot of fun together, and started seeing each other regularly after that,” Stephanie recalls. Many dates later, Dan secretly planned a romantic proposal at Chandler Hill Vineyards. “He reserved an area at the winery and invited family and friends to attend,” Stephanie says. “I thought I was just going on a girls’ trip that day, and he was going to golf with friends. But as I walked around a corner, a trail of roses appeared, and Dan was standing there with a ring.” After an emotional proposal, the pair walked up to the main building where loved ones were waiting to celebrate with them. “He did a great job of organizing everything,” Stephanie says. “The day was so lovely. It was almost like a mini wedding!”

The couple said their vows at the Shrine of St. Joseph and adjourned to nearby Union Station for a Grand Hall reception. “The hall is so beautiful on its own, it really didn’t need much decoration,” Stephanie says. “We did bring in special candelabra and eucalyptus accents for the tables and chairs, and used some of the bridesmaids’ bouquets as centerpieces.”

Surprisingly pleasant weather allowed for a photo session in Forest Park. “We were afraid it would be really hot and humid that day, but it was just perfect—85 degrees and breezy,” Stephanie recalls. For the reception, her dad choreographed some fun father/daughter and bride/groom dances set to Stevie Ray Vaughan and Stevie Wonder tunes. Stephanie says the day was extra special because while the groomsmen were getting ready, her future brother-in-law took her dad aside and asked permission to marry her sister.

“My father referred to our big day as ‘the second royal wedding’ because we kind of resemble Prince Harry and Meghan Markle,” Stephanie laughs. “Everything went perfectly, and we had a wonderful time!” The couple jetted off for a Mexico honeymoon shortly afterward and now live in Sunset Hills.

ceremony | Shrine of St. Joseph
reception | Union Station
gown | Vera Wang
cake | Made by Lia
florist | Bloomin’ Buckets
music | Push the Limit, Landolfi Quartet
honeymoon | Quintana Roo, Mexico

wedding party 
maid of honor | Jackie Wolf
bridesmaids | Emily Henschel, Abby Andrade, Tierney Davis, Suzy Gill, Shannon Phelan, Madison van Stone, Jessica Sullivan, Caroline Ragsdale, Maddie Moore
best men | Rich Henschel, Kevin Henschel
groomsmen | Elliott Wolf, Drew Andrade, Timmy O’Neill, Josh Syberg, Joe Dodd, Eric Fuchs, Tony Scotino, Billy Feicht, Doug Devine, Tyler Brady, Rob Mitchell, Zach Manwaring
bride’s parents | Drs. Michael & Bernita Wolf of Sunset Hills
groom’s parents | Rich & Judy Henschel of Clayton

wedding date | August 11, 2018