Dear Homework,
I have lived in this house for 29 years and feel it is now time for some changes.
In Need of a Face-Lift

Homework_IMG_0063Dear In Need of a Face-lift,
When I sat down to address your issue, frankly, I was stumped. While removing the overgrown yew hedge and upgrading the modestly detailed front porch are obvious starting points, these corrective measures will not yield much of a face-lift. To make a dramatic change, we need to address weaknesses in the existing façade.

Currently, the entry/front door area is very weak. The door is almost invisible, tucked away in its corner. This should be the most prominent feature of the façade—not the weakest. Additionally, as with many ranch homes, there really is not a composition here, merely a juxtaposition of too-similar pieces. I have chosen to consider these issues as well.

Hopefully the first thing you notice about the revised design is the new turret at the front door. Adjacent to it is a second level, added above the living room, which could be used to create a ‘volume ceiling’ in the living room. These taller elements now give the façade a composition by providing a dominant portion that is architecturally more important than the adjacent areas.

Additional architectural features, such as a garden wall with an arched, gated opening, French doors at the dining room, and a new gable and box bay window at the bedroom wing, add supporting architectural details that further transform the home’s suburban ranch house look. A new, more distinctive roof and paint scheme complete the architectural initiatives. The landscape also has received many revisions, including a new, exposed aggregate circle drive, removal of a large deciduous tree and the creation of some new earth berms at the curb, to give a more interesting and romantic feel to the property.

In the end, I admit this all adds up to more of a transplant than a face-lift, but the house is now a charming and unique residence that is ready for its ‘glamour shot.’
Thanks for asking,

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