Carefully crafted for a fashion designer and his family, this Hamptons home balances robust modernist architecture with charmingly calm colors and curves.

Coastal Creativity
With its commanding presence and a captivating fusion of coastal and transitional design elements, the exterior of the Water Mill project is a true exercise in architectural finesse. The shaker-shingle canvas of the home provides a breathtaking backdrop and contrast to the elegant black-framed windows and doors, creating a splendid symphony of style. If you feel you’re missing a detail of this extravagant exterior—not to worry. The glass-sleek swimming pool offers an exquisite reflection.

Soft Tones and Shapes
Upon entering the interior of the home, visitors are greeted with calming creams, beiges, tans and sands, all of which give the space a cohesive and refined feel. This subdued color palette, met with a circular motif seen in select pieces such as the curved mirror on the left and lantern light on the right, add to an overall theme of softness throughout the project. Photos take center stage as a unifying force in this remarkable project. Every piece is carefully selected to complement and enhance its designated space, resulting in a stunningly cohesive display of artistry in multiple mediums.

A Truly Remarkable Home in the Hamptons
Josh Greene’s Water Mill project is a testament to his impeccable design skills and artistic vision. The harmonious blend of modernist architecture, serene colors and captivating shapes creates a truly remarkable home in the Hamptons. From the coastal-inspired exterior to the thoughtfully curated interior, every detail exudes elegance and tranquility. If you’re seeking inspiration or simply appreciate exceptional design, we highly recommend visiting Josh Greene’s portfolio and following his projects on Instagram.

Design: Josh Green
Photos: Ngoc Minh Ngo and Josh McHugh

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