Realtor and entrepreneur Sarah Bernard got in on the ground floor of the vacation rental business before services like Airbnb became popular, and now she and her team help many people put a roof over their heads each year, whether it’s through rental properties or home sales.

The past few years have been a time of change for many in real estate, especially buyers looking for homes, but Bernard says her Sarah Bernard Realty Team—part of the RedKey Realty Leaders family—has seen the situation as an opportunity to shine. “It’s been challenging in an invigorating way,” she says of the residential market. “Today’s climate has allowed us to use all of our skills, and we have enjoyed no shortage of business. We have a great team of professionals and a collaborative atmosphere, and they operate either as seller’s or buyer’s agents, which means each person can really specialize in their area. We feel that model is what benefits clients the most.”

She explains that buyer’s agents need to know the housing inventory that is available, seller’s agents need marketing and business acumen, and both benefit from the help of an administrative team that ensures everything is documented carefully to stay in compliance with regulations. A director of sales and recruiting also helps agents operate at a high level of success and assists them in keeping clients’ needs at the forefront.

Bernard holds an MBA in addition to her real estate credentials, and she says that puts her in a unique position to understand the business side of the market as well as the needs of executives buying and selling homes. Her team members have experience in a variety of industries, and Bernard also hosts a regular STL TV series called The Issues that airs on cable and is posted on YouTube. “It keeps me involved and informed about what’s going on in the city and community, which is particularly valuable in real estate,” she notes. “Our staff’s varied experiences give clients a high level of confidence, and we are growing and adding to our expertise all the time.” Bernard adds that while her businesses and RedKey are women-owned, they offer a healthy diversity of perspectives from female and male professionals.

Her vacation home business is based on a similar foundation of client service and exceeding expectations. It’s housed with her real estate office on the same site in Chesterfield, and she says clients will find both of her staffs ready and willing to help. “Many businesses have gone remote, but I find that having my teams on-site really benefits our clientele,” she says. “We are able to strategize and develop campaigns in a collaborative way, and our clients appreciate that.”

Promoting a dwelling is much like selling any valuable product, according to Bernard. “We take the marketing philosophy that would be used for any high-end purchase and employ it in real estate,” she says. “We assist home buyers and sellers with the highest level of integrity and skill, and that means more money in their pockets. We also pride ourselves on serving the vacation rental market well, and we intend to keep growing to achieve the best possible results for all of our clients.”

The Sarah Bernard Realty Team, part of RedKey Realty Leaders, is based in Chesterfield along with Bernard’s vacation rental business. Pictured on the cover: Real estate agent and entrepreneur Sarah Bernard. For more information, call 314.780.9070 or visit

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Pictured at top: Michael Wood, Sarah Bernard, Karen Kelly
Photo courtesy of Sarah Bernard Realty Team