Meanwhile…Back at the Ranch

Dear Homework,
We bought a beautiful 1967 ranch home in Creve Coeur this fall. We know it has a lot of potential from the handsome brickwork and new, slate-blend roof, but we would like to upgrade the appearance. The garage (originally a carport), landscaping, shutters and brown wood siding could all use refreshing.

—Meanwhile…Back at the Ranch

Dear Meanwhile…Back at the Ranch,
Let’s start with the colors. With terracotta-colored brick, my go-to color is slate green. I would use it on the roof gable, brown siding and columns. Since the windows probably need to stay white, I have kept the new front doors and garage door white to match. The shutters stay hunter green to help blend with the landscape.

For the landscape upgrade, I suggest a continuous, curving bed of a variety of grasses in different shapes and colors. An upright evergreen at the middle of the façade and a Japanese maple at the right corner add vertical accents. A row of hornbeams underplanted with an evergreen hedge ornaments the left side of the property.

Finishing details include a new custom cupola, a brick pier mailbox and some terracotta-colored plant urns at either side of the garage door … the last of a series that pulls the whole property together.

Hope that helps,

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