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403 W. Argonne Drive

listing price | $850,000
listing agents | Teri Nicely
agency | RedKey Realty Leaders
phone | 314.707.1468 | 314.692.7200

from the homeowners 
Owner Jessica Gilmore says this 130-year-old Kirkwood property combines the style elements of a traditional home with the conveniences of a modern one. “My husband, Cliff, and I bought it just after we were married,” she says. “We wanted to start a family, and this area has wonderful schools and neighborhoods. When we first saw the home, it was in the midst of a complete interior rehab with all new electrical wiring, plumbing, fixtures and more. We like to describe it as a new house inside an older one.”

Do you know the home’s history?
When we bought it we were given a document saying that some of its features were built with repurposed wood from the 1904 World’s Fair. The original owners were the Bopp family, and the house passed through a few generations before they sold it. Living in the home really gives you the sense that you are part of something special. It has a quintessential Victorian vibe.

What are your favorite elements of the home?
We love that it still has the original front door and stained-glass window above it. You can tell the door is old, but I’m glad the renovators preserved it. They also found an old-fashioned clawfoot bathtub to go in one of the bathrooms. And there is an epic fireplace in the front room; we loved decorating the mantel at Christmastime. It’s a romantic house with beautiful crown moldings, high ceilings and decorative beamwork.

What are some of the best things the renovation achieved?
The home has a new, modern kitchen with a 15-foot center island that people always gathered around when we held parties. We basically lived in that kitchen! It’s big enough that guests can stand around and visit shoulder-to-shoulder or break off into groups if they like. We also enjoyed the fact that after the renovation, we didn’t have to worry about things like old wiring and pipes breaking down.

Where did you spend the most time?
The kitchen and sunroom. The natural light in the sunroom is amazing, and it’s fun to people-watch as neighbors go by with their kids and dogs. We created a lounge area in that room, and I spent most of my maternity leave in there.

What is the neighborhood like?
It’s perfect for a family. The neighbors know each other, and everyone looks out for you and your kids. Leaving the area will be bittersweet for us. We are moving to be closer to our daughter’s private school, but we will miss our local friends and all of the great Kirkwood traditions we enjoyed, like the Greentree Festival and Fourth of July parties. The home and neighborhood both have lots of personality, and we want the next owners to enjoy them as much as we have.

from the agent
“This amazing property has the charm and character of a century home and the modern conveniences of a new build.”