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New Look: Liston Design Build

There is an undeniable appeal to transforming a space into something new—especially when it’s your home. Countless TV shows feed into the desire to take the plunge and tackle a large-scale renovation, but the reality of such a project can be more challenging than expected. With more than 30 years of experience, Liston Design Build helps homeowners create their dream spaces and minimize bumps along the remodeling road.

The company name is a direct reflection of its process, the design-build method. Instead of the homeowner having to deal with a design team and contractors, Liston works with each client under a single contract, providing both design and construction services. “The biggest benefit of the design-build process is the collaboration between the builder and homeowner,” says owner Keith Liston. “Everyone is working together to create beautiful, functional spaces.” One couple learned the benefit of this relationship firsthand when they moved from Kansas City to Chesterfield. They weren’t happy with the dated feel of their newly purchased home, so they enlisted Liston to make it more reflective of their personal style. “We handled mostly cosmetic changes,” Keith notes.

One space Liston transformed was the kitchen, giving it a modern farmhouse style. “Kitchens are the heart of the home, and people want to make the most of the space,” says Andrea Liston, a design consultant and Keith’s daughter. “In this home, we mixed materials to keep the kitchen visually interesting and create a nice balance. The rustic touches, like floating shelves and metal lights, are paired with classic elements like white countertops and subway tile. It’s a timeless look that is still fun and unique.” The Liston team turned an unused pantry into a wet bar, a feat the homeowners would have struggled to undertake on their own due to engineering and plumbing requirements.

For Liston, the most important thing is to create great experiences for clients. Keith notes that the company’s philosophy is built on three fundamental pillars: a strong relationship with clients, superior project management and remarkable results. “We accompany our clients to vendors and give advice on function, style and pricing,” he says. “Sometimes they just need a sounding board. We’re happy to provide that while also sharing our expertise.” The company also provides full-color renderings of how the project will look when completed, so clients can see the results before the build even begins. “We create that HGTV experience, and they feel confident in the work moving forward,” he says.

Open communication with clients is paired with skill and craftsmanship. “We have a great team,” Keith says. “They don’t cut short on quality.” He adds that the company is highly organized, doing most of the planning upfront and keeping communication open to address any issues that arise. Keith says the results speak for themselves. “We’re good at what we do,” he notes. “We take great care to make living through a remodel much easier. People often hear nightmare stories about working with builders, but we debunk that stereotype.”

Since the company was founded in 1984, Liston Design Build has helped hundreds of clients create their dream homes through close attention to detail and focus on high-quality workmanship. Pictured on the cover: A multipurpose beverage bar, part of a Chesterfield kitchen remodel. For more information, call 636.940.9417 or visit listondesignbuild.com

Cover design by Cydney Moore
Cover photo courtesy of Liston Design Build

Pictured above: A Chesterfield remodel includes a large, versatile island.