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Not So Deep Thoughts: 3.13.19

tv » fyre: the greatest party that never happened on netflix
        fyre fraud on hulu
Yes, there are two documentaries about a music festival that defrauded hundreds of people and sent one person to prison. I watched them both, and you should too. Billy McFarland is a young Bernie Madoff who decides, along with rapper Ja Rule, that a great way to promote their music-booking app is through a music festival. Using social media influencers, he organizes one in the Bahamas, but it doesn’t appear any of the bands are going to show up. And multiple local businesses and contractors are left without compensation. The Netflix documentary spends more time following the money, and at the end, it shows Billy continuing to defraud people with his next scheme. Fascinating.

book » other people’s houses by abbi waxman
This book proves why it is best to stay out of your neighbors’ business. The story of four families who carpool together is a quick read and absolutely will make you chuckle. Frances Bloom, the mom who always drives, stumbles innocently upon the secret lover of one of the other mothers. Unfortunately, the secret doesn’t stay under cover, and as the situation unravels, it has repercussions throughout the entire neighborhood. Waxman has just the right level of snark, and I am certain you will identify with at least one of the characters.