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Picture This: 10.9.19

on trend
One thing I always keep in mind when remodeling or building a new home is picking trends that are at the beginning of their life cycle, not the end. This protects your new project from looking outdated just a few years after completion. Here are some of the latest trends, although I can’t predict which will stick around!

The heavy use of wood in the kitchen can create a sublimely natural ambiance.
Colored cabinets are coming back. Peacock blue with white counters and natural elements feels traditional yet pops with color.
Not sure if this will last, but the latest finish for appliances is bronze. I would watch this one before jumping on the bandwagon, but it could become all the rage!
The French range is making a huge resurgence—it’s beautiful, elegant and highly functional. Mixed metals are especially on-trend.
The elegant, Old World look of iron doors and windows is a keeper in my book.
A matte black finish for paint, appliances and hardware continues its popularity.
Natural elements like reclaimed wood, rattan and bamboo bring the outside in.
The latest gadgets, like self-serve espresso and wine appliances, will make you feel spoiled.
Remove all hardware to stay up to date with the new streamlined look in kitchens.
Performance materials (think Sunbrella) are a new option for rugs and upholstered furniture. Wipe away messes with ease!
pewter finish on fixtures like this faucet is popular.
With so many high and vaulted ceilings, look for more unique, eye-catching custom range hoods.
Blush is the new color for walls, furniture and even clothes. Try a tone closer to beige than pink for a neutral effect.