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Something Old, Something New

Upcycling has been growing in popularity in interior design. And honestly, what’s not to love with this trend? The term “upcycle” refers to recycling or repurposing an object in a way that increases its value. It’s a great way to find a use for items that may be looking a little tired, and it’s a more sustainable practice than buying new pieces. Whether you’re tackling a project yourself or looking to purchase repurposed pieces, here are some ways everyday items can find a new life.

Ladders are extremely versatile in terms of form and function. The rungs make them great options for storage, and vintage ladders can work as towel racks in the bathroom or to hang clothes if closet space is limited in a bedroom. For a more striking option, consider using an A-frame ladder to create a bookcase. All you need are a couple wood planks, and you’ve got a striking piece that can show off your books, plants and more.

smaller items
Little items are great for upcycling. Have drawers that no longer match a dresser or produce crates lying around? They can be fashioned into wall shelves, side tables or even underbed storage for a little extra organization. Old fashioned suitcases are another versatile item. You’re not likely to bring one with you on a plane, but you can stack them to create a unique side table or even break one down to create a posh bed for your four-legged family member.

Cribs and cots for toddlers are items which are useful for only so long—your child is going to outgrow them. That makes them ideal for upcycling. Let the piece grow along with your child. It can be made into an activity table for crafts and games that can then transition into a desk for studying and homework—or even a workspace for mom and dad if needed. Cribs can also be turned into seating or storage if you don’t need a desk.

You can upcycle a dresser with a cosmetic update and put it back to work. Paint, custom hardware and refinishing wood are ways you can switch up the style of older pieces to match new decor. If you want to find a new purpose for a dresser, there also are a lot of options. They can be made into sink vanities for the bath, drop-down desks for a small study and even a tiny island in the kitchen. If you’ve got a big armoire, consider turning it into a beverage bar.

There’s a lot you can do with old doors. From headboards and dining room tables to benches and bookshelves, they make a great foundation for a lot of projects. Doors can especially add a touch of charm to outdoor spaces. You can make a cute potting shed, create a striking entrance to a seating area or even use it as a planter or trellis to help show off your greenery.

Like dressers, chairs can easily be given a makeover while retaining their original function. Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint or new upholstery, you can make the chairs you have fit with whatever new style you want to try. If you want to find a new use for a chair, consider using mounted chair backs for storage in the bathroom or kitchen. If you have a pair of chairs (such as from a dining set you no longer use), they can easily be fashioned into a bench for your garden or entryway.

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