They say to understand someone you need to walk a mile in their shoes. Tradehome Shoes at West County Center is dedicated to ensuring that everyone is equipped for their own personal journey, especially those most in need. Through its Century Apparel Company, it donates a pack of socks for every one sold, benefiting nonprofits in local communities its stores serve. The St. Louis location has chosen to support Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition. The organization offers a comprehensive range of programs to find and prepare safe and nurturing homes for children and families affected by foster care in the St. Louis region.

“The sock drive is a great way for Tradehome Shoes to connect with St. Louis,” says Adriana Sprinkle, manager of Tradehome Shoes at West County Center, the region’s only location. “Each store gets to pick the nonprofit it supports. It’s an awesome way to thank the community for giving us their business. No matter when you purchase a pack of socks, another will be donated—there is no end date for the initiative.” Sprinkle was part of the team that opened the company’s West County store in 2021. When it came to picking a nonprofit, senior marketing director Sean Phillips helped ensure the donations could make an impact by introducing her to Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition.

“It’s important to ensure that all kids have nice clean clothes and brand new items like underwear and socks, so they can feel good about themselves,” says Nick Kelley, director of the nonprofit’s retail shop, ReFresh. “Our goal is to ensure they are never wanting, especially when it comes to clothing necessities.” The store is open to the public and provides a wide variety of clothing items, including a large designer section. All of the profits from ReFresh support Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition programming. Since 2011, it has raised more than $1.3 million, reaching more than 4,000 kids in foster care.

As well as raising money for programs, ReFresh brings clothing directly to children and teens impacted by foster care. Twice a year, Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition provides $200 in free clothing to the population it serves. There also is the ReSource program, which ensures children receive wardrobe necessities at no cost. This initiative is how the majority of the Tradehome Shoes sock donations reach young people who need them. “All of the sock donations are saved for youth impacted by foster care,” Kelley notes. “We have them in the shop, but our staff also has access to them in case of emergency placements.”

The Tradehome Shoes sock drive isn’t West County Center’s first initiative to benefit Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition. The shopping center has collected gift card donations to distribute to children on their birthdays and held a back-to-school denim drive last fall. For the coalition’s Cinderella Project, it has collected formal dresses and gift card donations in January and February for the past two years. “West County Center has been a phenomenal partner,” Kelley says. “Community partnerships like this are vital in not only for getting the word out about our mission, but also encouraging people to donate their money, items and time to help youth who need it.”

West County Center, and another pack is donated to Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition. Pictured on the cover: Adriana Sprinkle, Makayla Perry, Brenndan Spaulding, Nick Kelley. For more information, visit

Cover design by Julie Streiler
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Pictured at top: Tradehome Shoes manager Adriana Sprinkle and ReFresh director Nick Kelley
Photo: Tim Parker Photography